To stay successful, you need to keep the lines of communication open between your employees, customers, and business partners. People do business in many different ways, whether it's by phone, email, instant messaging, or video conferencing. No matter how you communicate, you need technology that works smoothly with your business processes, to help your company grow and thrive.

Companies large and small are turning to "converged" networks that let them bring all of their communications—data, voice, and video—onto a single Internet Protocol (IP) network. A converged network lets your employees work together more easily and stay productive from any location. Information is always available, whenever and wherever it is needed, so you can serve customers better. With a converged network, you can improve customer loyalty, boost profitability and ultimately manage costs more effectively.

Morris Communications offers powerful solutions that help you implement a converged network, to transform your business and give your employees the tools they need to be successful.

The Benefits of Voice and Data on a Single Network

Morris Communications brings together all your voice and data communication onto a single converged network, building a foundation that dramatically improves the way you do business. The technology lets you work in the way that suits you and your customers best—with wired and wireless phones, e-mail and fax, video conferencing, and contact centers—all on the same network.

Keep Costs Under Control

Growing businesses are constantly being asked to accomplish more with less. With Morris Communications, you can bring all your voice, data, and video communications together. Managing just one network is less expensive and easier than running separate networks. Morris Communications lets you:

  • Save money on long-distance charges, because you can use your network to place calls between your offices
  • Reduce the costs of moving or changing a phone extension
  • Save time and money when adding a new site

Be More Productive

Today's customers expect immediate responses to questions and problems, 24 hours a day. Morris Communications gives your employees the mobility and flexibility to deliver service anytime, anywhere. Whether your employees are working in the office or from home, a hotel, or an Internet cafe, they can reach the right people and have the information they need to solve problems and respond to customers. Employees on the move can:

  • Make a secure connection to the company network anywhere there is an Internet connection, to reach the same tools and resources they have in their office
  • Answer a phone call from their laptop or mobile phone just as if they were in the office

Serve Customers Better

Business communication is moving faster than ever, and customers expect quick responses. The more quickly you can respond to a question or return a call, the more satisfied your customers will be. Morris Communications lets you have one phone number ring simultaneously on multiple phones, so employees never miss a call.

A Single Network

Morris Communications Hosted Solutions connects your offices to the Internet, and to your other offices. At each office, the phones connect to a CorePBX®, which networks together all your telephones, application and e-mail servers, wireless devices, and even to your security systems.

Essential Call Services

"Call processing" is the basis for all the telephony services you use every day: dial tones, call transfer, hold, conferencing, call parking, and so on. Morris Communications provide these basic phone features, along with hundreds of others, to let you run your phone system on your company network.